From “Directions” Liner Notes

Dear Listener,

There is something to be said for those who believe in you. Allen does not take lightly the time, encouragement and faith each of you, his fans, have shown. May all of your dreams come true as his unfolds.

Allen Estes was born in Livermore Falls, Maine. The oldest son of two musical parents who played in a band together. Allen started playing music at the age of six. Citing musical influences from his father’s early country cowboy songs to the Beatles, his first song was written by age 13. His first band was formed at this time, developing his musical and vocal skills with the ever-changing face of Rock and Roll. College years blended the musical styles of his youth with Bluegrass/Country Rock and it wasn't long before his band was doing almost all original material. Allen Estes and the Estes Boys grew famous in the New England area starring as the opening act for such greats as Robert Palmer, The Outlaws, Jerry Jeff Walker, Dr. Hook, Bonnie Raitt, J. Giles Band, Rodney Dangerfield, and many others. In 1984 Allen moved to Nashville, to work as a songwriter, further honing his craft while associating with other dedicated musicians. Forming the band Trinity Lane, touring Europe and getting a much sought after "record contract," three singles were released and made it into the charts. Joining the Grand Ole Opry Act in Nashville and working and touring with many major forces helped to fine tune his talent. Tammy Wynette took an interest in Allen's writing style and music, recording his song "Next to You" which became the title of her album and reached the top 40. allen currently performs in the New England and Nashville, Tennessee areas with the Allen Estes Band, building a solid network of loyal fans and concert promoters. In addition to lecturing in songwriting and performance at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, Allen also teaches a songwriters workshop at the North Shore Community college in Beverly, Massachusetts.

I have had the pleasure of being involved in the growing of this project with my very good friend Allen. He is one of the most refreshing new performers on the contemporary acoustic music scene. Wherever he goes his music abounds with the kind of emotion that has endeared him to so many. This is an extraordinary collection of 13 acoustic love songs that offer evidence that Allen has arrived at the stunning prime of his arrived at the stunning prime of his artistic life. He is truly one of America's rising stars in the singer/songwriter movement!

Rick Burtt

This is a collection of personal songs, most of which were recorded in Nashville. Each song has a special meaning to me, from where they began, to how they are recorded and then performed. Since every song I write is close to my heart, a special thanks goes to Rick Burtt for selecting the tunes for this record. without Rick's help, with this project would not have been possible... Also thanks to Charley and Joanne for keeping my mailing list and bookings going in the New England area. Also special thanks to Debbie, Stephanie, and Becky, my band Sal Baglio, Linda Blaze, Lenny Shea, Brian Silva and my special pal who we all miss. Bruce Wallace. Thanks to my co-writers, Dave Mallett, Steven Farmer, Sharon Anderson, Steve Yocum, Tom Grant, Buck Moore, and Lucille Starr. Thanks to my Dad and my brothers for "keeping the Bluegrass alive" and Andy for the chords. Finally, heartfelt thanks to all the friends and fans who faithfully keep showing up to listen and share with me what I love to do the most.

Allen Estes
P.S. Good luck in Florida, Mom....
P.S.S. Dylan I can't wait to see your face...