From Spinning those Memories - liner notes

Hummm ... Let me see... I’ve been trying to remember a little chronological history of the band members in “The Estes Boys” from 1973-1980.

I guess it was late 1972 that Peter Lindstrom and I were jamming acoustical, with me on guitar and Pete on congas. Then we recruited Paul Tomasello on bass and high harmony, and we were finally a band. Soon we were playing weekends at Quintano’s in Littleton MA (Boy I wish I could go back and hear some of those nights again).

Then in the spring of 1974 we played a party out in Pepperell, MA and invited a young guitar picker named Tom Yates from Hudson to join us and he did. Now we were a 4 piece band and that is where we started recording. You can hear some of those early songs on this “Spinning Those Memories” CD. Paul Tomasello left the band for awhile and was replaced by Ralph Lanigan (he looked like Paul McCartney and even played a Hofner bass).

It was now 1975 and Tom Yates and Ralph left to pursue their own band and in comes Leo Egan on the guitar and pedal steel, with Bruce “Bunkie” Wallace on bass guitar and piano. The Estes Boys continued to perform and record and soon Tom Yates was back in and now we are a 5 piece band. For a short time we were a “double drummer band” with Glen Evans sharing percussion with Pete Lindstrom, and boy were we rockin now!

In 1976 we again lost two members Tom Yates and Glen Evans but Paul Tomasello rejoined as bass and Eli Nelson joined us on the pedal steel guitar. It was back into the recording studio and ... also at this time we did a live recording at Jonathan Swifts in Cambridge, MA the album was called “SRO” (standing room only). Then Peter Bell joined for a while on guitar and he brought an element of blues to the band having played with James Montgomery. Well once again Paul Thomasello left and John Daniel joined us on bass. Then Peter Bell left and were back to a 5 piece band. For a brief period during this time Barry Michard and Dick Fitzhugh (boy we had some fun with this guy, what a name) playing guitar and bass. Then Sheldon Mirowitz joined us on lead guitar for a short period and was replaced by VInce Quinn also on lead guitar, and that about wraps it up for The Estes Boys 1973 to 1980 ... stay tuned for more history lessons when we move on to The Allen Estes Band 1980 then to the original family Estes Boys Bluegrass Band and arriving at my solo career as a singer/songwriter.

Once again, thanks to everyone who shared with me all those great years making music together.

--Allen Estes